Below you will find some of the software I have written. There is currently only one application available to download, but there is more stuff in the pipeline.

All of the software on this page is for RISC OS computers and is not compatible with other operating systems unless you use an emulator such as RPCEmu.

[!12MinsTo9 icon] 12MinsTo9

An addictive sliding tile puzzle game, based on the web game 2048. Runs in the RISC OS desktop.

The Vault

Back in the late 90s and early 00s, I quite enjoyed messing around with RISC OS programming. Some of my efforts were good enough to release.

Screenshot of a RISC OS Filer window titled “TheVault:” containing six applications: CalMake, Jotto, KwikZip, MadMaze, OnThisDay and WebSpin.

I drifted away from the scene for a while, and the programs fell off the internet, but luckily I had most of them archived. I will be tidying them up and re-releasing them as open source. Watch this space!


Source code will be added to GitHub